Free downloadable sewing patterns!

Sewing can be expensive. Sewing machines are an investment, fabric can be pricey, and once you’ve got all the equipment you have to buy patterns as well. Well some people are great at improvising without patterns, but not me! I find them useful to learn new techniques and how to construct different types of clothes.

I recently discovered Pinterest and made a ridiculously long wish list of patterns I want. This is great for inspiration, but realistically I can’t afford all of these patterns! But if you look hard enough there are plenty of free patterns available, which are great for saving pennies. You can download and print these, and put them together in your own home for just the cost of paper and ink. You can find some instructions about how to print and assemble digital pdf patterns here.

There are thousands of free patterns available. I’ve rounded up a small sample of my favourites here.


If anyone knows any other good free patterns please share in the comments. 🙂


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