Polly top

A little late on the bandwagon for this… But here is my Polly top. It’s a free pattern from By Hand London and you can find out more about it here.

The truth is I tried to make this way back in winter last year, but I struggled to ease the front panel in. I got frustrated and just gave up. But that’s not the attitude! So recently I attempted it again. Easing the front panel in was still tricky, but I was more patient and careful this time. Once that’s done the pattern is actually really easy. Here’s mine. The blue flowery fabric is from Hobbycraft and the purple panel is from Bromley market.



This was my first time using bias binding. I am officially a convert! I wasn’t sure about it at first, bit it’s a really nice way to finish the edges. I have to admit I bought the bias binding rather than making it. The truth is it’s just easier to buy it ready made. When I want binding in a particular fabric I will try it then. There’s a good guide from Colette here if you fancy giving it a go though.

I decided to make the contrast panel in purple, the same colour as my bias binding around the neckline and armholes. My boyfriend thinks it looks like a bib. …I can see his point but I’m choosing to ignore it! What do think? Too much like a bib? Or does it work ok with the purple binding? I haven’t quite made my mind up yet.


Looking at this picture I wonder if I need to make alterations to stop the bunching of fabric on the back. I think I either need to make a full bust adjustment or an alteration for sway back. I understand that this is where the pelvis tilts forwards more than is usual (which makes sense as I don’t have great posture) and causes bunching of a fabric in the back. Are there any fitting pros out there who can offer advice? I often have this problem with shirts or blouses and I’m not sure what causes it!


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