Crepe (or how bias binding saved the day)

So… my elaborate plans to make myself a new wardrobe over the summer completely fell apart. What with wedding and hen party season, birthdays, a holiday and starting a new job my sewing machine has been gathering dust. It’s been a really great summer, but I’m looking forward to dusting my Janome and sewing again.

Which brings me to the Crepe dress by Colette Patterns. I actually made this dress in July. I took some photos…




…and was ready to blog about it. But then I reached down to pick something up and the sleeve ripped. Not just the seam, but the fabric ripped towards the bodice. I got annoyed and ignored it for two months.

I decided to try to cut the sleeve off and fold the raw edge under to hem it. This proved irritatingly fiddly and I put it away for another few weeks. Eventually I decided the easiest thing would be to cut the sleeve and ripped fabric off and then use bias binding to hide the raw edge.

At the same time I decided to alter the neckline. There are two versions of this dress – one with a rounded neckline at the front and one with a sweetheart neckline. Although I like them on other people, I’ve never thought that sweetheart necklines suit me. I do this when I go shopping as well – I try on clothes that I know won’t look good on my body shape just because I like them and think that maybe, just maybe, this time it will look good. Despite the years of experience that tell me otherwise. Needless to say, I didn’t like the sweetheart neckline. I cut the neckline into a lower, more rounded shape and finished this raw edge with bias binding as well.

Two months later, here it is. Finally wearable!




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