Kimono jacket

I finally got around to making a kimono jacket. There was a bit of a kimono craze a while ago, and of course everyone else has already moved on. But I had some leftover fabric from my Truffle dress, so now I finally have one too! I used the free kimono jacket pattern by Sew Caroline.




I tried to make the insides as neat as possible, so I used french seams for the side and shoulder seams. I also used bias binding on inside of the armholes so that the raw edges weren’t left exposed.


Life has been busy recently so it’s been good to have an easy project, with no fitting issues to worry about. If I made it again I would lengthen the pattern though as I think it looks a little short on me.


Interesting fact! Kimono refers to traditional Japanese clothes, and literally means ‘wear-thing’ (ki – wear, mono – thing). But my favourite Japanese word is daisuki – love – because it literally translates as ‘big like’. Jaketto ga daisuki… I ‘big like’ my jacket!


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