I’m a big fan of shorts. Shorts with tights or leggings in winter, or with bare legs in summer (even though I’m so pasty you need sunglasses to look directly at my legs). Unlike my Zinnia skirt, the wind can’t blow my shorts up as I walk across Waterloo Bridge on the way to work. Shorts can do no wrong!

Shorts aren’t necessarily great work attire though. Some offices won’t allow them at all, and even in my current fairly casual office I would feel bad turning up in my usual denim shorts. Enter the Thurlow shorts by Sewaholic! Especially when made with wool these are the ultimate smart-casual, and I love wearing them at work and also in my own time.

Thurlow is another pattern I’ve had for quite a while, bought on impulse during a sale. I put off making it because I was scared of the welt pockets and I hadn’t found a suitable fabric for it. I eventually made a trip to Goldhawk Road in London and bought some wool for about £6 per metre. It’s a boring grey wool, but exactly what I wanted. It will go with anything!

So, here they are (with a tired- looking model)!


I like them so much I took them on a walk to the south coast of England for our first proper sunny day of the year!


And posed staring off into the distance!




As well as the turned up hem, I think the pockets are what really make this pattern for me. Each pocket has a red flowery lining which makes me very happy. For the most part, I had no problems following the pattern. The instructions for the welt pockets did confuse me, but luckily Lladybird did a Thurlow sew-along with a whole section dedicated to the welt pockets. Perfect! The photographs made the process a lot easier to follow, and I’m happy with my first ever attempt at welt pockets (in the bottom two pictures below).


The waistband and fly extension also have flowery lining. I’ve never made anything with a fly extension before, but I love it!


I cut the pattern out in a size 12, with no alterations. But when I tried the shorts on to check the fit, before sewing the back seam (which is the last step), it came up too loose around the waist. My favourite thing about the pattern is the back extension, which makes it very easy to take the fit in or out at this stage. I pulled it in a few inches and then trimmed the fabric down a bit. As it’s the last step it also means it wouldn’t be too difficult to change the size if I decide to tweak the fit at a later stage.


For the most part I’m really happy with the quality of sewing for this. I really want to learn to finish the edges of raw fabric and seams in a neater way though, rather than just using a zig-zag stitch. It would look a lot more like a finished product without the slight fraying you still get with the zig-zags. Any suggestions?


I’m in love with my Thurlow shorts. I definitely want to try out the trouser version as well at some point, but how can I think about making trousers in this unseasonal warm April weather? I’ll be making more shorts first!



4 thoughts on “Thurlow

  1. The Thurlow is – hands down – the best pants pattern I have ever tried. They fit! They’re a quality look! Nothing “homemeade” about it. What’s not to like?

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