Ooga Booga bib and blanket

After a two and a half month break (time just gets away sometimes!) I’m going to kick start my blog for the new year with something simple. Simple, but good fun to make because it’s for my friend’s new baby boy! 🙂

I got some great sewing books for Christmas, which I’ll be going through bit by bit, and I’ll do reviews eventually. These patterns are from the Cath Kidston Sewing Book – a towelling bib and a towel. Unfortunately I couldn’t find any printed towelling anywhere (does anyone know where to buy this?), so I went for a patterned flannel fabric instead from Plush Addict. It’s not quite the same, but absorbent enough for the bib. I’m not sure how well it will do as a towel (I’ll wait for updates!), but at the very least I’ve made a soft blanket!


The patterns are simple, as you can see – just one piece of fabric cut out to the desired shape. The towel pattern is only supposed to have scalloped edges at short ends, but I got a bit confused and did them the whole way round all the edges. The edges are then finished with bias binding. I machine stitched the bias binding and the fabric, right sides together, and then slip stitched it closed by hand on the wrong side of the fabric, pleating the binding in the corners. This was a little time consuming, but I love the neat finish. I also got to be that crazy lady on the train getting their sewing out on the commute to work!




My favourite discovery while making this was the erasable pen to mark the pattern onto the fabric. Does anyone remember those ink erasers everyone had at school (which were actually kind of rubbish)? Well there’s a fabric version, and it’s a million times better! I bought this one, and I love it.


I made a lot of presents for people over Christmas, but didn’t take photos of any of them. I was too excited to wrap everything up and put them under the Christmas tree! So I’ll skip those and go straight to the New Year project. I think making something for a newborn was a pretty great way to start the year, and he’ll grow into the bib eventually! Happy New Year everyone. 🙂


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