I bought the Coco pattern by Tilly and the Buttons a few months ago. I read Tilly’s introduction on how to sew with knit fabrics and ordered myself a walking foot and some ball point needles. Then the walking foot arrived (without instructions) and it looked so confusing and overwhelming that I just ignored it! Eventually I found a video on YouTube which explained how to attach the foot to a sewing machine. It didn’t quite fit on my machine in the same way, but I managed to attach it well enough to work. Take a look at this beast!


Anyway, once I’d got past this initial step and followed the pattern instructions I realised how easy and fun this dress is to make. It doesn’t take long to put together at all, and I loved being able to make myself a new dress in an afternoon. I spent ages looking up if it was possible to do a full bust adjustment for this type of pattern and how to go about this with jersey fabrics, as I needed to add some extra room at the bust. But I didn’t find any helpful information, so in the end I just cut the pattern out as a size 5, and scaled it to a size 6 at the bust. You can see how to do this here. It was the easiest way, and it did the job fine.

The fabric was about £7 per metre from Minerva Crafts. You can make the dress with pockets, but I chose not to as I loved the fabric pattern and I like the way it looks without distractions. I love everyone’s Cocos with pockets, but I thought they would look a bit childish and bulky on me. The stretch of the knit fabric took a bit of getting used to – I don’t have a very big sewing space and had to be careful about the fabric dangling off the edge of the table and stretching. But the instructions really hold your hand throughout making it a lot less scary. So without further ado… here it is!

Coco 1

Coco 2

Coco 3

Coco 4

I had a go at matching the pattern at the seams. Not perfect, but not bad either!

Coco 5

Coco 6

I was worried that the dress wouldn’t suit me, and I had resigned myself to making it as a practice dress to learn how to sew with knits. So I was really surprised when I tried it on and fell in love with it. In my mind it would look like a sack, as baggy dresses usually do on me, but it’s been designed with a really flattering fit. And it’s perfect for Autumn! I love this dress pattern – I’m converted to knit fabrics and it’s so easy, I can’t wait to make more 🙂


What do you think?

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