I made the Alma blouse by Sewaholic a few months ago, but only just got round to taking some pictures. To me Alma is quite an old fashioned name. And I think I look like an Alma wearing this top. I feel frumpy in this.



Especially with the belt that it’s supposed to go with!



I did a full bust adjustment (FBA) using this guide. The guide was really helpful, I recommend it! However his blouse has been a lesson in the importance of checking both the size measurements and the finished garment measurements. This blouse has a lot of ease already which I didn’t take into account. The final version I made is a bit too big and baggy for me as a result. I know I need to lose weight, but the bagginess is not particularly flattering and makes me feel even bigger.

I’m sure this can be fixed and I can make this pattern look better on me. Firstly I want to have another go, using a fabric with more drape. Secondly, I want another go at the FBA, taking into account the existing ease. In the meantime I have a top that I will wear occasionally, mostly around the home (minus the unflattering belt!). Not a total disaster.

Finally, I have the same issue with this pattern as with the Polly top – all that bunching of fabric in the back. I’m going to attempt a swayback adjustment next time in the hopes of fixing this.



What do you think?

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