Top 5 sewing fails

I make a lot of mistakes while sewing. Sometimes I feel like I’ve really made progress and improved at sewing, and then I make stupid errors and suddenly feel like I’m getting nowhere. There are two big mistakes I make.

Either getting excited that I’m nearly finished and rushing the final steps because I think I know what I’m doing. I inevitably mess up, proving that most of the time I don’t!

Or sewing for hours and hours without taking a break, to the point where I start getting annoyed and tired but for some reason don’t let myself take a break or give up for the day.

Recently I made another blunder which inspired this list. I bring you my top 5 sewing fails.

  • Sewing wrong sides together instead of right sides together, or vice versa. All the time. Or even worse, sewing the right side to the wrong side. Nightmare!


  •  Snipping a hole in the lining of a dress while trimming the seam allowance. At least it was the lining so I could sew it up and it didn’t ruin the dress. It annoys me knowing it’s there though. I will never love the dress as much as I should do!


  • Consistently failing check the fabric width, and so failing to buy the right amount of fabric for patterns. I’ve bought fabric twice for a new pattern, and twice I bought the wrong amount. This was quite depressing when I’d spent ages choosing a nice fabric… twice! I’m still trying to decide what to do with it instead, as its only 1 and a half metres.


  • My first attempt at the Winifred dress. I often find the waist is too loose when I make dresses, as the patterns use more ease than I would usually choose.  So when I made the Winifred dress I carefully scaled the waist in. I failed to consider that the waist has elastic for a reason. The pattern doesn’t use a zip, and I made the waist smaller instead of using the elastic to draw the dress in at the waist. Which is fine except that the pattern doesn’t have a zip and I made the waist so small that it doesn’t fit over my boobs, so I can’t get it on! This was a fitting disaster really, and a lesson in the importance of making a toile or practice version!


  • And finally, my latest and finest sewing fail! Sewing the zip of my skirt inside the waistband. I had a soul-sinking moment when I realised what I’d done. I was nearly finished and then realised I had a whole load of unpicking to do. Instant deflation!


Does anyone else have any good fails to share? Sewing or otherwise?


What do you think?

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