What to do with old curtains?

Elisalex by By Hand London was the first dress I ever made. The first one was only ever supposed to be a practice one made from cheap materials. But it ended up being one of my favourite clothes to wear, despite the dodgy stitching. It’s still going strong!

But a year later I decided it was finally time to make a new one, with a heavier weight fabric as suggested in the pattern. I don’t know what this fabric is. It’s made out of my Gran’s curtains. It’s a long story but my Gran bought them in a charity shop then she got upset that they didn’t fit in her house as it was a waste. So I suggested I could take them to use in my new flat, which cheered her up as they would get used. …only my boyfriend didn’t like them and they were too short! So I cut them up and turned them into a dress. Believe it or not, that’s the short version!


Anyway, it was a really nice way to show myself how much I’ve got better at sewing in the last year. The first one was really tricky. I struggled a lot with the princess seams, the zip totally confused me and I didn’t even bother with the sleeves. This time it all went pretty smoothly. Considering how many mistakes I always seem to make, it’s reassuring to repeat an old pattern and realise I’ve actually made a lot of progress. One day maybe I’ll be a pro!

Feeling pleased with myself I took the dress on a trip to the beach!




Sadly my redhead complexion and the low neckline meant that I got sunburnt! Anyway, gratuitous beach photo to finish off with πŸ™‚



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