Duvet dress

I made this dress from a second hand duvet I bought in a charity shop.

duvet dress

This was the dress of mistakes! I had to unpick so many stitches, whether it be sewing the right sides together instead of the wrong sides, or even worse – sewing the right side to the wrong side. Lots of minor disasters with this one. I also managed to cut the lining fabric as I was trimming the seams. I got quite annoyed with myself making so many mistakes. Surely after a year I should have nailed the basics right? Apparently not! I’m determined not to make any silly mistakes with the next one.

Initially I was a little disappointed with it. The waist isn’t as fitted as I like and without a belt looks like it could be a maternity dress. And it really really bugs me that I cut the fabric so that one of the waist darts eats one of the stripes! You can see in the picture on the left – one of the stripes just disappears half way down the bodice. At least it’s not quite so noticeable if I wear a belt.

It’s not perfect, but it’s wearable (I hope so anyway, as I’ve been wearing it quite a lot!). My favourite thing about making clothes from old duvet covers so far – they are so comfortable. I’ve worn this dress a lot already just because it’s a comfy light weight summer dress. I’ve started eyeing up my own duvet covers for the next one.


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