Commandeering the spare room

I’ve taken over the spare room. It’s mine now. The boyfriend has accepted it graciously, particularly as it means the bedroom won’t be permanently messy with sewing stuff sprawled everywhere and bits of fabric all over the floor. It’s not the perfect sewing space, but it’s a start. And it sure as hell is nice not to sleep in a pigsty.

This is it in non-sewing mode. Looking lovely! Sporting a painting by Ethan Pollock on the window sill, a house-warming orchid from friends and the three teddies I can’t bear to part with (the koala from my sister gave me before I went to live in Australia for a year, Rosie who is as old as I am, and Paddington because… it’s Paddington! Who doesn’t love Paddington?).

sewing room 1

The sewing machine is on a fold away table covered up to try to keep the dust off. Then it takes centre stage when in use.

sewing room 4

There are a few storage issues… I could use some of shelving to keep fabric in, or some drawers. For now they are in a fabric box which has seen better days.

sewing room 2

And I want to find a snazzy way to store my patterns. Has anyone got any tried and tested pattern storage techniques?

sewing room 6

But it’s a start! I’m really happy to have my own space to work in. I just need to work on keeping it tidy. It didn’t take long to turn it into this…

sewing room 7


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