I just got back from a 2 week break in Germany. My boyfriend and I did a road trip around south Germany – the Black Forest and Bavaria. It was an amazing trip and I’m not quite ready to return to reality. I have until Monday to come to terms with it!

I didn’t quite finish my pre-holiday sewing marathon. I was probably (definitely) being a bit over-ambitious to finish two dresses and a shirt as well as working right up until the day before our flight. However I did just about manage to finish the Mae blouse by Bluegingerdoll. I really enjoyed sewing this pattern. For once I didn’t need to make any pattern adjustments according to the sizing, which made a nice change, and the instructions were really clear. It doesn’t take long to put together either. I love the design and I’ll definitely be making more of this blouse.

I made it for holiday, so here are some token pictures of the top in action. It was so damn hot (minimum 30 degrees centigrade) that it was hard to get a good picture without flare or over-exposure and without sweat dripping down my face!


photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

The shirt does fit, but it pulls a little in places – such as from the neckline to bust, and the buttons gape a little at the back. The scalloped neckline pulls a little too, and the scallops don’t always lie flat. I think I could probably afford to go up a size in this and it would fit a little more comfortably. I’m still happy with the result though, it’s my favourite piece of clothing I’ve made so far. I love the design with the buttons at the back, even though I need a little help doing the top up. My arms don’t bend backwards very well!

photo 4

Final photo of the buttons close up (excuse the crumpled luggage look). I love them, although my boyfriend thinks they look like reptile nipples! I can see it, but doesn’t stop me liking them!


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