Billie Jean

I’m going on holiday next Thursday! I’m so excited, I definitely feel I’ve earned a break. In 8 days I’ll be flying to Munich to start a 12 day road trip around Bavaria. First time driving on the right! Should be interesting. Fingers crossed I don’t kill anyone.

For holiday prep I’ve been sewing as I want to take some new clothes with me. First up is the Billie Jean dress by Blue Ginger Doll. I used the Billie Jean sew along as a guide which was really helpful – especially with some of the pattern alterations I needed to make. I bought this pattern a while ago when it was on sale and it’s taken me ages to get round to sewing it up. I didn’t quite have enough fabric for it so I decided to use up some old fabric for the bodice and buy some purple cotton for the skirt. Time for a few photos of me posing awkwardly!



Considering I messed this up in quite a lot of ways, I’m really pleased with it! I attempted to match the pattern at the seams for the bodice, which was my first drama. I worked out that I needed to match the pattern at the seam allowances where the pattern pieces would be stitched together… so I then proceeded to match the seam allowance on one pattern piece to the raw edge of the other. I worked out what to do and then… didn’t do it. Smart. So I ended up sewing the bodice with a smaller seam allowance to get the pattern design matching a little better which left a bit too much room in the bodice (especially as I’d already done a full bust adjustment anyway). It’s a little roomy! You can see that the pattern kind of matches up, but not quite.



It all tucks away quite nicely under a belt though, so not the end of the world.


The other thing I changed was the skirt. I cut the skirt pieces exactly as in the pattern, but as I gathered the skirt I realised there was way too much fabric for me. It looks great in the pattern photos, and the full skirt was part of the reason I liked it and decided to buy it. But it wasn’t very flattering on me. So I halved size of the skirt pieces and I think it suits me a little better that way. I also made the skirt quite a bit shorter. It’s summer after all. 🙂

Overall it was a lovely pattern to work with, and the problems I had were just me being a bit stupid. So yeah, a bit of a botched job, but I don’t think it’s bad considering. I’ll definitely take it on holiday with me. The next one will be perfect!


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