Heroes in a half-shell

My sister recruited me to make her costume for her 30th birthday party! The theme – what you wanted to be when you grew up and she hired out a room at a pub. The costume – April O’Neil from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Here’s what she looks like in the cartoon:


And here’s my sister’s costume:


I think she looks amazing! This was my first attempt at a vintage pattern, which my sister bought from Etsy.


I was really worried I would mess it up, so for the first time I made a muslin. This was great as a practice run – I made a few mistakes when I didn’t understand what the pattern instructions wanted me to do. I’m not convinced it was very helpful in terms of fit though. The muslin fabric was quite different from the cotton I used in the final jumpsuit and seemed to twist or stretch quite easily. I’m not sure I would take the time to do one again. This is probably down to laziness though – I always want to rush on to the actual project!

Once I understood the instructions I was surprised how easy this is to put together. The only bit I really struggled with was the crotch. I’m still not convinced I did what I was meant to. It looks ok though, so I figure that doesn’t matter too much! I also struggled to get the outside collar and the collar facing on the inside to match up quite right, but you can’t tell from the outside so again I guess it doesn’t matter. I left out the shoulder pads and shortened the sleeves instead.

I’m really pleased with the button holes! This sounds really lame, but I’ve had so much trouble with them so far. But I have mastered the buttonhole foot and stitch on my sewing machine! I was so nervous I would ruin the whole jumpsuits if I did the buttonholes badly that I kept putting it off. I finished sewing the last button on about 4 hours before my sister needed to wear the costume. Cutting it fine!


Anyway, I was really pleased with the jumpsuit and my sister made it look amazing. Not kidding – I tried it on and it looked awful but she pulls it off! We have some interesting family photos as well with April O’Neil, a hippie, Biggles, a cat, Solid Snake from Metal Gear Solid, Belle from Beauty and the Beast, She Ra… and lots more. Had a great time confusing the locals!


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