A bag for the new year

Here it is, the first thing I’ve made in 2014.


I absolutely love it. The fabric is gorgeous, I bought it from Plush Addict, which is fast proving to be my favourite online fabric store. The flowers have a metallic, slightly shimmery finish which makes it a little brighter than it shows in the photos. I was a little worried that the polka dot handles and pocket trim might be a bit too busy, but I love how bright and colourful it is. But then I do quite like things that are a little garish! And it seems perfect for gloomy dull January. I’m so lame that when it’s on my desk at work it cheers me up to look at it every now and then!

I made it using the ‘foldable shopper’ pattern from Kay Whitt’s book Sew Serendipity Bags which I got for Christmas. It’s a lovely book, and a great present. It was really simple to make, although it took me ages as usual because I don’t think about what I’m doing and make mistakes (sewing wrong sides together instead of right sides for example – every single time! I never learn!).

I’ve been testing this out almost every day at work for a week, and it’s great. It’s journey across London this weekend was more impressive though. I packed it full of clothes for the weekend, a book, hair straighteners… Lots of things. Those handles took the weight! Even more impressive though – for the first time in my life (after commuting to London and living in the area almost my whole life) I got my bag stuck in the tube doors while running onto a train on the Underground at the last second. People on the platform were trying to push the bag, people on the carriage with me were pulling the bag. And the doors didn’t re-open for what felt like forever. It was all pretty embarrassing, but made better by the fact that this bag I’ve made was tough. Not a scratch, not a loose thread! So I said sorry to everyone for holding them up, and stood quietly in the corner feeling quite pleased with my handiwork!






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