So here it is… My first attempt at making a dress! I finally finished it after real life got in the way a bit.



Not bad for a first effort! I was quite pleased anyway. I think it surprises me every time I make something wearable! I bought a cheap fabric to make this, the Elisalex dress from By Hand London.

I ordered the fabric online and it was more light-weight than I was hoping. But that just proves how little I know about fabrics and how fabric shopping online is a bit like walking in the dark for me. I’ll get there eventually. Anyway, the fabric is a bit… floppy (for want of a better word) so doesn’t hold the pleats as well as a heavier fabric. It does ok but I’m enjoying searching for the next fabric.

I (hopefully) have learned the hard way to follow instructions. Or at least to think about what I’m doing! This took me so long mostly because I spent so long unpicking my mistakes! It was a learning experience, put it that way. I successfully did my first full bust adjustment with the help of this tutorial. I’m really glad I gave this a go. The fit isn’t perfect and I actually think I might be better going a size down and making a bigger adjustment. Without the belt it’s a little baggy at the waist. I’ve actually made the perfect Christmas dress – it fits fairly well but has room for a food baby! Perfect for the season (and my boyfriend did tell me I looked like a Christmas present when I showed him the dress)!


And finally, my favourite thing… The bright red bodice lining.


Now time to make a version with a fancy fabric.


2 thoughts on “Elisalex

  1. Your first dress looks lovely as well! Looks like it’s from Dorothy Perkins or somewhere like that! Well done 🙂

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