Following my sewing wish list I’ve been thinking about what to make next. There are loads of skirts I want to make but I want to learn to make something new, much as I like expanding my skirt collection. I had another look at the dresses on my wish list and I’m worried about making them. Searching google I found out that most commercial patterns use a B or C cup. This won’t fit me! Which means I can’t just copy the patterns, but I’m going to have to learn to alter the patterns. Scary!

I’ve been thinking about what to do for a while, and yesterday I bought the Elisax dress pattern. It’s supposed to be an intermediate pattern (and I’m most definitely a beginner!) but it also comes with an online tutorial, which includes how to do a full bust adjustment for the dress. I’m a little worried that I might have bitten off more than I can chew.

But I’ve made the decision and bought the pattern, so no turning back now! Only other issue is that I am really struggling to choose a fabric. The pattern recommends medium-heavy weight wovens such as upholstery cottons, flannel, shantung silk, brocade, jacquard,tweed and wool. Two days ago I didn’t know what most of those fabrics were. Since then I’ve been searching online for something cheapish that fits the description, and it’s been a bit of an information overload.

I really like the fabric used in this one, but the fabric doesn’t seem to be particularly cheap. I don’t want to use an expensive fabric for my first attempt as I may well ruin it!

I really like the idea of using a brocade like this one (black with the bird pattern). But I’m worried it might look a bit tacky, I can’t really picture what the dress would look like in this fabric.

Another part of me likes the idea of using a more every day fabric such as denim or a medium weight cotton like this or this, as I think I’d wear it more often. But I’m still not sure if the fabrics are ‘medium-heavy weight’ enough for the dress.

So… I’m appealing to the internet for help!


3 thoughts on “Help!

  1. I know it can be really scary to start a project where you use an expensive fabric. I recommend that you first make a muslin to make sure that you get the fit right. Especially if you need to do a full bust adjustment this can save you from major disappointment later. Another advantage of making a muslin first is that you can already try some of the construction techniques that you are now unfamiliar with. See it as a practice run that will improve the chances that you’ll get the real dress right. Yes, it does take a little bit of extra time, but trust me, you will be much happier with your end product if you take the time to make a muslin. It also gives you a little bit of extra time to decide on the fabric!

    1. Thanks! I have invested in some cheap fabric now to do just this! Hopefully I’ll just end up with at least two great dresses when I’m brave enough to use a nice fabric, instead of one 🙂

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