Sewing wish list


I just booked a holiday to Budapest in November (yay!). This is great. I haven’t left the country in at least two years and I am gagging to get on an aeroplane. However I now don’t have very much money, and I want to save a little before we go. This means no sewing projects for a month or so, and instead I’m working on a wish list for when I get back.

So here it is! The patterns I’m excited to get started on in November (or October if I feel wealthy). One of the main reasons I bought a sewing machine and decided to start making clothes was to be able to make clothes that suit my style and actually fit me properly. I’m really excited to start filling my wardrobe with these.

The Cascade skirt by Megan Nielsen.

The Mathilde blouse by Tilly and the Buttons.

The Alma blouse by Sewaholic.

1103 Minoru Jacket by Sewaholic (this one’s actually seasonal!).

1206 Hollyburn Skirt by Sewaholic (basically anything by Sewaholic, I love their patterns).

Crepe by Colette.

Moss skirt by Grainline (because it’s cold outside, and this would look great with leggings and boots!).

Esilax by By Hand London.

Ava by Victory Patterns.

It’s a shame I can’t link to the pictures here, but this is for my own reference as much as anything. All the patterns I want to do next in one place, so I can’t forget!


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