This weekend I finished the Miette skirt by Tilly.

The pattern is downloadable and costs £7. It was the first time I’ve ever used a downloadable pattern and I was a bit daunted by it. Turns out its really easy to put together so I was worrying over nothing.

To go with the pattern there are step by step instructions which were really helpful. I’m really happy that I managed to keep my stitching pretty straight, especially for the contrast stitching on the pockets. And I did a pretty good job of the ‘stitch in the ditch’ method which I was worried I’d mess up as I’m not generally very precise. I did slip up a tiny bit but it barely shows, and I decided it wasn’t worth re-doing it (in other words I was being lazy!).


I took a lot more care with this skirt than the picnic blanket skirt and I think it shows. I made it in the largest size as I prefer to wear skirts and trousers on my hips rather than my waist. I also gave it shorter hemline as long dresses or anything below the knee make me look frumpy.




I tested it out at the pub last night! A success!

The only other thing I’ve worked on recently is a second cushion cover. My friend at work is getting married and I wanted to make her something. She’s getting married on a boat so there’s a bit of a nautical theme. So here’s the nautical cushion I made!



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