The picnic blanket skirt

I made my very first piece of clothing!



I used Tilly’s tutorial for the picnic blanket skirt.

I tested it out at work and no one commented on my new skirt, which could mean one of two things. Either it looks terrible and everyone felt too awkward to mention it, or it just looks like a normal skirt I could have bought from a store. I decided to think positive and go with the latter, and I’m really happy if it looks decent despite my slightly dodgy stitching.

The main issues with this skirt:

I decided to push myself and make the version with pockets. However I don’t own any pocket patterns at all so I freestyled, and the result wasn’t too bad. Not sure I’ll bother next time though!

The skirt is a little too big. I like to wear clothes on my hips rather than my waist, and I was so worried it would be too small that I ended up over-compensating a bit too much. I’ll have more confidence that I’m not as fat as I think I am next time!

I panicked a bit when I tried it on before hemming as it looked really frumpy (a combination of the length which was below my knee and the amount of gathered fabric), so I shortened it quite a bit. Not that it shows much as I made the waistband so big that it sits quite low anyway. Next time I might try it with a looser fabric that’s less stiff and hangs better.

Buttons! No matter how impatient you are and how much you just want to finish the skirt, take your time! Or else you’ll end up with wonky buttons like this.


I had a go with the button hole foot on my sewing machine, which was quite fun. I got to use this nifty toy. I love how it works out the right size for the buttonhole by inserting the button at the back. Pretty cool! But don’t freestyle like I did. Future Jo will always mark where the button hole is going first!


Still, despite the squiffy bits I’m really please with this. It wasn’t a total disaster and it’s wearable (work tested and everything!).


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